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fun facts

+ I'm obsessed with my planner

+ I love Target

+ I like colorful pens

+ I'm a sweet tea & iced coffee lover

+ I love snapping photos of my kids

+ Love macaroons

+ Christmas is my favorite holiday 

+ I love succulent plants

+ I enjoy the cooking channel

+ I love to journal/write about anything

Hi sweet friend, my name is Chou (Choo) and I’m a big believer in all things possible.

Located in NC, I’m a designer and self-taught natural light photographer, I love what I do and could not have asked for a better career. To be able to capture memories, create designs, and inspire others is a beautiful blessing.


I’m a big supporter of the female entrepreneur's community.  As a working mama in the creative industry, I’m so thankful that not only am I able to do what I love every day and still spend time with my family but also be able to contribute my skills to help others do what they love and passionate about.

Whether you need help with a personal or business brand, I believe you are here for a reason and you are in the right place. Send me a message and let's connect.


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get to know me

Hi! To get to know me a little better, here are some fun facts about me...


Our latest addition to our little family. Meet baby boy, Skye. He's such a beautiful blessing and bring so much joy into our little family.

I love baking time with Natalie.

My two girls are my world: they are my motivation, my strength and most of all, my happiness.

I love my start planner! To keep me on my game, this thing help me stay on track. Not to mention, I love, love, colorful markers and shiny stickers, they complete my planner :D

If I could live anywhere, I want a beach life where I can watch the sunrise or sunset everyday.


I can't play it but that doesn't mean I don't love it. Piano music is one of my favorite things to listen to when I want peaceful thinking.

If we go anywhere and I don't know what to get, "Salad" it is.

Can't start my morning without a Starbuck's iced coffee, yep!

I believe sunshine peeking through the cloud is a way of god checking in on me. I'm grateful for another beautiful day.

One of my favorite candies, Ferrero Rocher, yum! What is better than hazel nuts and chocolate?

My skin is a huge fan of the rosewater...yes!

I'm BIG on quotes! Anything inspiring is worth keeping.

I like patterns, it's a great way to blend in :D

Strawberry margarita - I'm a mix drink kinda gal.

One of my favorite holiday, not because of the gifts received but more because of how much you can give, and it's also my daughter's favorite holiday :)

I love unique things because I believe everyone is different in their own way...

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