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When she came to me and mentioned about doing a relaunch of her website, after analyzing what were missing on her current website, we came up with a strategic plan to include brand photography. It has made such a big difference to her new website (, not only has these branded photos help with the visual contents but it also align with her brand vision as well.

Taking these brand photos in January which was still winter, the weather was very cold, but we were fortunate enough to be able to take both indoor and outdoor photos using a property of one of Diane's good friend. I know many people ask when is it a good time to take brand photography but to be honest, there's really no wrong or right time to take brand photos, we made it work because we have a plan in place.

I come across so many business owner who fear getting in front of the camera and told me how uncomfortable it make them feel, but I can assure you that by having a strategic plan ahead of time really helps make the photoshoot flow effortlessly.

Branding photoshoot doesn't have to be scary and uncomfortable.

When you work with the right photographer who respect your brand vision and provides you with all the necessary needs, it can be a beautiful thing to come out of a business relationship.

I was so honored to get to work with Diane again, I have so much respect for this woman as a person and business friend. She's always so giving and wanting to help others, I only see good things to come for her future and I cannot wait to share our next photoshoot.


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