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I'm super excited to share our second photoshoot. We're still in wintertime but as you can see, spring came early so the grass started to turn green which was super great for us.

It's so important to have brand photos because they help support your brand. Whether's it's you in front of the camera or products that you offer, it is important that your audience gets to see who you are and your process.

I'm a natural light photographer and I don't usually define myself as a light and airy photographer but I will say that the more I get to create this kind of photos, it really makes me fall more in love with natural light photography.

I did not know the benefit of yoga and have never done yoga before until I met Diane. I'm so grateful for this woman for teaching me to love yoga and experience this in my life. It has changed my health in more ways than I could imagine. Yoga is such a meditative way to release stress and let go of anxiety because, in moments like this, you feel empower of both your body and mind.

If you've practice yoga but never taken a class where there's a live instructor, I encourage you to sign up for a class and discover the difference. In a classroom, you get the help of your instructor to help assist and make sure that your form is correct. When you practice yoga by yourself at home is different from the experience you have in class.

This is one of my favorites yoga poses. I love that yoga can look so effortlessly but also full of impact. This pose definitely targets your core and strengthens your spine and as you continue to strengthens your muscles, this result in a strong posture.

The experience you get from your instructor makes a difference.

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